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Blissed Out Cat Pets Himself With Chill Dog's Paw

Luke, the orange tabby, is apparently not getting enough head rubs from the humans. He decides to use Tally, the beagle mix's paw to pet himself.

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It's hard to decide, while watching this video of an orange tabby petting himself with his dog pal's paw, whether to be more impressed by the cat's passionate abandon or the dog's patience. Actually, we might be most impressed by the way the two personalities seem to blissfully/peacefully combine. As the cat, Luke, gets more and more into first one of beagle mixTally's front paws and then the other, rubbing and purring and rubbing some more, Tally just seems to get increasingly chill. Clearly, this isn't the first time Tally has surrendered the use of her paws to Luke's pleasure. She's like, whatever makes you happy, dude.

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