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Actor, Former Ballet Dancer, Singer, hoping to break into Voice Over industry, currently in the MMTB (Making Movies Throughout The Bay Area) stable of actors.

1. The Decision

Video available at:  .

Starring: James Lee Davidson, Warren Lee, Cynthia Gaedy-Davidson, Anne Shin, Colm Murphy, Justin Netterville and Aimee Vincent. Directed & Edited by: Elena Altman.

A boy has a hard choice to make which parent to choose. A quick look into a child’s mind. MMTB made during Director’s Challenge. September 2011.

2. The Portal

Video available at:  .

Starring: Sanaa Johnson, James Lee Davidson, Adelaida Chumpitaz, Cynthia Gaedy-Davidson, Howard Green, and Shelly Russell. Directed and edited by Yvonne Russell. Produced by MMTB. October 2011.

Two kids discover a dimensional portal.

Winner for Best Picture of the MMTB Director’s Challenge for Oct. 2011.

4. Whitmore

Video available at:  .

Starring: Matthew Pinna, Shelley Kudrov, JD Charisma, James Lee Davidson, with Cynthia Gaedy-Davidson, Shelley Russell, Rajiv Khilnani, Graham Lee. Co-Directed and Written by Graham Lee & Matthew Pinna. Produced by MMTB. January 2012.

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