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    • cynjustin

      This is quite interesting actually; not the article and not Anthony Weiner; but the interest in his sex life. Really? But, I do have to ask why anyone would keep this stuff; if they aren’t at some point looking for their 15 minutes and another looking to distract? Then I have to ask; why do we care exactly? And is this not yet another ‘distraction’ being thrown our way? Albeit a smaller one; a ‘distraction’ nonetheless. I am not a fan of the Lying Progressive aka; Anthony Weiner, but we don’t know and are not in any of their private lives; we don’t want them in ours either. And quite honestly, we have bigger issues facing us to worry about; other than who is sleeping with whom. If I am not mistaken, a chief complaint is that the Government has gotten so big and intrusive; we might as well not have a Constitution. So why are some of the same complainants doing the very thing they oppose? I am opposed to both; as I like to stay consistent. So, now that everyone knows; can we stop talking about Anthony Weiner with his issues and get back to actual priorities?

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