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    16 Ways To Tell You're In A Comfortable Relationship

    Remember the days when everything with your significant other was exciting and new? There's no going back.

    1. Every time they tell a joke, you're like...

    2. You miss quiet time by yourself.

    3. They pee with the door open.

    4. When you ask them to do anything around the house, they're like...

    5. They tell you they "forgot" to take out the trash when they just didn't feel like it.

    6. You feel like there's an ulterior motive when they say you look nice.

    7. They make you listen to the new songs they write and you have no idea how to react.

    8. You try to have a normal conversation and everything is a "that's what she said " joke.

    9. Their body just doesn't seem like what it used to be.

    10. They constantly tell you you're wrong.

    11. You're always too tired to cuddle.

    12. When you're in a good mood, everything they say makes you smile...

    But when you're not, all you hear is whining.

    13. They don't want to eat anything you request for dinner but they don't know what they want either.

    14. Pretty much everything they do has annoyed you at some point.

    15. Sometimes you'll just have to watch something on TV that you hate...

    16. Or admit that you're wrong.

    In the end it's OK, because you love each other!

    And that's really all you need.

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