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    Guys, Here's The Honest Truth About Traveling In Europe Vs. Traveling In Canada

    From sea to airport to sea.

    Canada and Europe have something in common:

    GORGEOUS destinations.

    But, while we Canadians like to explore our own beautiful country, it's just that getting around can be a bit...well...

    And if you've ever travelled in Europe, you know it's like riding a flying unicorn in comparison.


    Weekend trips in Europe = endless possibilities.

    Weekend trips in Canada = whatever's a two-hour car ride away?


    Flights from London to Marseille = I guess I could cough up 30£.

    Flights from Vancouver to Toronto = a bajillion dollars.

    I have no monies left.


    Train travel in Europe = an inexpensive and scenic way to get from point A to point B.

    Train travel in Canada = a CRAZY EXPENSIVE, though also scenic, way to get from point A to point B.


    After an 8 hour road trip in Europe = you've seen the French, Belgian, and German countrysides.

    After an 8 hour road trip in Canada = you're probably still in Ontario.

    On your European road trip = stop in a quaint village for lunch.

    On your Canadian road trip = swing by a DQ. Or Subway if you feel like "clean eating."


    Need a place to stay after a long day of driving? In Europe = pop in to a charming bed and breakfast.

    In Canada = we have some great motels, where there are vending machines with VANILLA COKE.


    In Europe = landmarks like the ruins of medieval Abbeys.

    In Canada = landmarks like Chuck, The Channel Cat.

    But in all seriousness, Canada is big and vast and filled with amazing places to visit.

    And whether by air...

    ...or land,

    there are plenty of things to see.

    And getting there is just part of the adventure.