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18 Struggles All Canadians Understand About "Sprinter"

Canadian weather gods: keeping you on your toes since 1867.

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1. On acclimatizing:

You know you're getting used to the cold when it's 2°C and you don't have to wear a jacket or hoodie outside. #CanadianSpring ?

2. On mixed emotions:

The breeze is freezing....but the sun feels good #sunshine #canadianspring

3. On being caught off-guard:

I swear it was spring when I came to work last night. #NLwx #nurseproblems #shiftwork #imfreezing #canadianspring

4. On needing to see a therapist:

April gives me trust issues, one week it's below freezing then the very next week it's 20+ degrees outside. #CanadianSpring lol

5. On questions we need answered:

If April showers bring May flowers, what does April Snow bring? I mean aside from disappointment... #CanadianSpring

6. On soaking up the sun:

Only in #Canada do you have to shovel snow off the deck so you have room to put a chair in the sun to tan. #canadianspring

7. On appreciating the little things:

After sitting through an outdoor soccer match I’m thankful for car seat heaters. #CanadianSpring

8. On (barely) containing your anger towards the Canadian weather gods:

Today is one of those days you want to just stand outside with a flamethrower pointed at the sky... #StahpFreezingRain #CanadianSpring

9. On snow bunnies:

I'm dreaming of a white Easter. Oh wait this isn't a dream. #CanadianSpring #Delayed #Again

10. On delightful sprinter mornings:

I scraped my windshield to the sound of the birds chirping. #Canadianspring

11. On constant disappointment:

Buy a new barbecue. Snow. Get the bike out of storage and ready to ride. More snow. #canadianspring

12. On language lessons:

For anyone who isn't Canadian: Today is known as "Heck yes, We Survived Another Winter Day". You may know it as "Spring" #CanadianSpring ☀️

13. On a normal sprinter day:

Shovelled the driveway this morning and opened the windows this afternoon. #canadianspring

14. On "a room with a view":

15. On sprinter sadness syndrom:

16. On harsh realities:

I'm laying out in the yard!!! Not tanning, slipped on some ice. #CanadianSpring #fb

17. On wishful thinking:

Here's a curb appeal idea for the #hamont spring market!! #realestate #springmarket #canadianspring #snow #flowers

18. And finally, on celebrations:

Blasting some dance tunes today because it's finally -4C, and it's spring in Canadian standard. #spring #Canadianspring #warmweather #beats