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Hey Guys, Here's A Kind Canadian Reminder To Not Complain About The Heat

Winter is coming, guys.

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In Calgary, the temperature reached a whopping 34Β°C last week. And now it's a bajillion degrees across most of the country today.

And so while we all kinda feel like this:

We need to take a second and remember what the alternative is. And why you shouldn't complain it's too hot now:

1. Because, in a few short months, we could need Indiana Jones-type skills to dig out our cars.

"@nhudson709: Everyone's at it in St. John's this morning. #nlwx #afterthestorm #canadianwinter " @TAGGARTnTORRENS

2. Or you could lose feeling in your nose the moment you walk outside.

@DonnieWahlberg only thing keeping me warm πŸ”πŸ’• haha! #canadianwinter

3. We could be colder than Santa's house.

This is just so wrong 😿 #CanadianWinter

4. We'll need to part the white sea of snow to get home.

Somewhere underneath this snow you can find my family's cottage @CindyDayCTV ” #CanadianWinter #pei

5. And you could look out the window and see A LOT of snow. Not a pretty dusting on your street but, like, trapping you in your house kind of snow.

That #snowdrift though! @CorttChavis got out of #Canada just in time! Help us Lawd! #CanadianWinter #weather

6. Instead of +29Β°C, it could be -29Β°C. Which would you really prefer?

#sickofwinter #socold #deepfreeze #canadianwinter

Think about it.

7. You could be feeling a little less-than patriotic about Canada's winter reputation.

I'm not cool with the constant cold. #WeTheNorth #CanadianWinter

8. Snow could foil your efforts at being a nice, upstanding Canadian citizen.

from @julianakarlsen Just trying to pay the parking meter β„β›„πŸ…Ώ #blizzard #snow #canadianwinter

9. This could be your landscape. FOR 6 MONTHS.

@dela_2012 @cellagirl cause you is it so much #canadianwinter #reallynotreally

10. You could lose your yard to snowmageddon.

11. You could have to deal with freezing, pissed off ghosts.

Meanwhile, in Canada. It's so cold, even our ghosts freeze! #CanadianProblems #winterincanada #Creepypasta

12. And you could be drying socks on radiators.

β€œ@KerrEteach: JK/SK Socks drying on the rad @Leger_tcdsb! #winterincanada @tcdsb #ontes ” Adorable.

13. This could be your commute.

14. The snow could almost SWALLOW UP your child.

You're right @k_miskell, #Canada knows snowstorms. We win :) #snowday #winterincanada

15. You could need an ACTUAL CHART from the government telling you how to dress so you don't get frostbite.

Almost right. If the temp is above 5Β°C you will see people in shorts. Correction: men in shorts. #WinterInCanada

16. You could have to wrestle a baby into a snow suit.

Baby vs. snowsuit. Snowsuit 1. Baby 0. #winterincanada

It's good cardio though, tbh.

17. And your head could end up looking like this.

Chris went out earlier for 10 min to snowblow end of driveway. #winterincanada #snow #moresnow

Which is just never good.

18. And lastly, never forget what waiting for spring actually feels like.

β€œ@KinderChivette: Soooo... #CanadianWinter #whataretulipsgoodfor #iwantspring ”

Still too hot for you out there? Didn't think so.