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16 Reasons Everyone Should Be Watching "Murdoch Mysteries"

Because if you're not watching, you're seriously missing out.

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Which is a TRAVESTY. Here's why you — and everyone else — should be paying attention:

1. If solely for Yannick Bisson.

And main character detective William Murdoch himself. Yannick Bisson is totally convincing in the role as the ahead-of-his-time detective.

Plus he looks like that. Which doesn't hurt, tbh.

2. And the on-again-off-again love story between Detective Murdoch and Dr. Julia Ogden.

3. The fact that there even is a Dr. JULIA Ogden on this show.

Because for a show set in the late 19th Century, that's quite a wonderful thing.

4. And then, as if that isn't enough, they add a new medical examiner: Dr. Emily Grace.

Just making us fall more in love.


5. In fact, the show really does push the boundaries of its time in an amazing way.

Even though Det. Murdoch has some pretty solid Victorian sensibilities in the beginning, storylines exploring homosexuality, racism, and women's rights encouraged Murdoch to re-evaluate his beliefs. It's intriguing and Murdoch usually ends up with quite "modern" ideas.

6. Murdoch is SO ahead of his time.

In one episode, "Monsieur Murdoch", Det. Murdoch actually devises a way to send a facsimile of a photograph over telegram. So...he basically sent a fax. In the 1890s.

7. And the show constantly pokes fun at its modern viewers.

Constable George Crabtree: Sirs, you called for me?

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid: Ah, Crabtree. We wanted to compliment you on a fine piece of work.

Detective William Murdoch: Yes.

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid: Even if your diligence did uncover that professional wrestling is a sham.

Detective William Murdoch: Yes, I doubt fans will continue to follow it so feverishly once the truth reaches them.


You've got us there, Detective.

8. Inspector Brackenreid's gruff, let's-get-down-to-business character is the perfect foil for the composed and often stiff-mannered Det. Murdoch.

He and Constable Crabtree provide some fantastic moments of comic relief.


9. The costumes are always on point.

And will immediately transport you to turn-of-the-century Toronto.

10. Crabtree's theories are very ...imaginative.

11. And the sub-storyline of him as a mystery novelist is always worth rooting for.

We got you, Crabtree.

12. The cast chemistry is sizzling.

They have fun at work, we have fun watching. Win-win.


13. Some pretty cool actors drop by for special cameos!

Yes, that's William Shatner, who'll be playing Mark Twain in an upcoming episode.

14. The show stays fresh by always bringing in new characters.

Because it's essentially a police procedural, we get to meet new faces every episode.

15. And that leads us to...THE ACTUAL MYSTERIES.

Crazy things happened in Toronto the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And Murdoch's going to get to the bottom of THEM ALL!

16. Like, if you thought a turn-of-the-century detective show would be boring, think again.

It's anything but.

Murders, disappearances, family secrets, political espionage, double lives, and everything else that still goes down today but in PERIOD COSTUMES!


Murdoch Mysteries airs on CBC in Canada and Ovation Network in the USA. You can also catch up on all the seasons on iTunes.