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    21 Questions Canadians Need Australians To Answer Right Now

    Hey, cousins to the south-south-south east...

    1. Is your summer really our winter?

    2. Do your toilets actually flow backwards?

    3. Are swimsuits your unofficial national uniforms?

    4. WHY?

    5. Is this your life ALL year long?

    6. What does this taste like?

    7. Have you ever seen a shark?

    8. What is this we hear about beets on burgers?

    9. We don't understand about kangaroos.

    10. Or is getting into a physical altercation with one a real possibility?

    11. How does it feel to finally have Netflix?

    12. How do you feel about The Royals?

    13. Do they teach "snake safety" in school?

    Because they should.

    14. How about "swimming without being eaten by a crocodile" lessons?

    15. But actually, how are you guys surviving out there?

    16. Are koalas cuddly?

    17. Or are they to be feared?

    18. Do you own any other shoes?

    19. Have you ever seen snow?

    Meanwhile in Canada.... #snow #Milton #Toronto #lol #TGIF #friday

    We're happy to introduce you to its wonders if you want.

    20. Exactly how much sunscreen should we bring when we visit?

    21. And finally, is there really a 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney?