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    21 Questions Canadians Need Americans To Answer Immediately

    What's going on down there?

    We may be neighbours, but Canadians have a few questions about what exactly is going on south of the border:

    1. First up: why does your iced tea taste like that? / Via

    No sugar = bitter, cold tea. Yum.

    2. Why do you call this "Canadian Bacon"?

    Soph'n'Stuff / Via

    We don't claim ownership. It's Peameal Bacon.

    3. Why do you keep In-N-Out Burger all to yourselves? / Via

    The neighbours that share together stay together. And we let you in on the awesomeness of Tim Hortons...

    4. Is this standard home decor?

    Facebook / Via

    5. Is everything really bigger in Texas?

    LC Aggie Sith / Via

    6. Why is your national anthem so hard to sing?

    Fox / Via

    This just looks painful.

    7. Why do you chicken-fry steak?

    I Believe I Can Fry / Via Flickr: johnnystiletto

    Your beef has some crusty stuff on it.

    THIS is steak.

    Mike / Via Flickr: anotherpintplease

    AAA Alberta Beef, baby.

    8. Why is this kind of thing encouraged on reality TV shows? / Via

    This isn't exactly exemplary behaviour.

    9. How did you guys get the coolest President of all time?

    Now This News / Via

    You might think the "Leader Of The Free World" would be too busy to have a lighthearted chuckle at himself. You'd be wrong.

    10. Why do you stage Civil War re-enactments?

    Caroline Country Historical Society / Via

    Is it part of the healing process?

    11. How are you not spending EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY in one of your incredible theme parks?

    Disney Tourist Blog / Via
    Tom Bricker / Via Flickr: tombricker

    So. Much. Fun.

    12. Why is your money all one colour?

    401(K) 2012 / Via Flickr: 68751915@N05

    How do you not not accidentally tip the pizza guy $50 on a regular basis?

    13. Did you notice the "u" up there in "colour"? What do you have against the letter "u"?

    Grammarist / Via

    As this screenshot from Grammarist shows, you're alone on this one.

    14. On that note, how come you haven't joined the rest of the world and embraced the metric system? / Via

    End this silliness.

    Let's finally agree that this is 30 degrees:

    James Hamilton / Via

    15. Why do you wear shoes inside the house?

    NBC / Via

    Please tell us this is a fiction perpetuated by TV shows.

    16. Why do you sell liquor at the grocery store?

    Alan Teo / Via Flickr: alanosaur

    I'll just pick up some Lucky Charms for the kids and a nice bottle of Jack for me.

    17. Why do you call toques "beanies"?

    Neff / Via

    Utter nonsense.

    18. Why is our government so mind-boggling to you?

    19. Why do you think this is a blizzard?

    THIS is a blizzard.

    Eastern Canada Was Hit With Another Scary Snowstorm And People Are So...

    20. Why do you call New York City "The Big Apple"?

    Alan Pearce / Via Flickr: alanpearce

    New York City—the apple of America's eye? No seriously, what's the explanation behind this?

    21. And finally, when can we come visit?

    Creative Commons / David Yu / Via Flickr: davidyuweb
    Creative Commons / Savannah Sam Photography / Via Flickr: savannah_sam
    Creative Commons / Werner Kunz / Via Flickr: werkunz
    Creative Commons / Matt Shalvatis / Via Flickr: mattsh

    Because all joking aside, your country is pretty beautiful. We'll see you soon, neighbours.

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