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23 Photos That Will Instantly Drive Canadians Crazy

Yes, we get annoyed too.

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2. When you didn't want to scrape your car so you thought you'd just melt the ice off.

When the wiper half freezes and misses some of the windshield.. #CanadianProblems #CanadianProbz

And the wipers don't work properly.

3. THIS.

Would love to @Outlander_Starz but we has #CanadianProblems

Where do they think we are — Middle-earth?


7. And the unfortunate reality of this.

Second Winter!?! #CanadianProblems #CanadaProblems


16. Next-level snow levels.

She might be standing on the bus. #BusStopsInCanada @CanadianProbz


22. This winning Tim Hortons cup frozen to the ground.

Biggest #CanadianProblems @MadelnCanada

23. And finally, one word: windchill.

Extreme cold warnings in place for parts of Saskatchewan & Manitoba. Current Wind Chill Values. #cbc

Because regular cold just isn't cold enough.