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    21 Statements You'll Never Hear In Canada

    "Oot and aboot."

    1. "Aboot."

    2. "What's a Double-Double?"

    3. "I hate having all of my medical needs taken care of by universal health care."

    4. "Hey, pass me an 'America.'"

    5. "I wish Trump would become our Prime Minister."

    6. "One year of maternity leave is just too long."

    7. "I can't make it into work — the roads are too bad."


    9. "Road trip! First stop? Dunkin' Donuts."

    10. "Hey, jerk! Watch where you're going!"

    11. "Maple syrup is too sticky."

    12. "I got free shipping on everything!"

    13. "It's spelled c-o-l-o-r."

    14. "You might as well hibernate all winter, because there's NOTHING to do once it starts snowing."

    15. "I went to Winners and didn't buy ANYTHING. Not even a weird bag of off-brand candy."

    16. "Gravy on fries sounds like a terrible idea. CHEESE CURDS? EWW!"

    17. "I've never, ever posted anything on Kijiji."

    18. "My childhood diet was NOT made up entirely of bowls of Kraft Dinner with ketchup smiley faces."

    19. "What's a Tickle Trunk?"

    20. "All Dressed chips make my tongue hurt too much to be worth it."

    21. "There's no such thing as 'Canadian Pride.'"