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The 16 Moments You Have When Eating At Swiss Chalet


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1. The moment when you're travelling and you're SO hungry and you spot a Swiss Chalet and are like "OK good enough". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Swiss Chalet before the gate? YES.

4. Or maybe they have new "creative" menu items, like chicken flatbread or A FRICKIN' SHRIMP RICE THING.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: calgaryreviews

Just as long as it comes with a big gob of mashed potatoes completely covered in gravy.

6. When your server asks if you want a starter and you wonder why it's even a question because perogies, obviously.

7. When you're waiting for your food and have too much time for contemplation.

8. When you're looking forward to Christmas solely for this magnificent feast.

But you still miss the Toblerone.

9. When you start eating and you're just SO HAPPY.

10. And you suddenly realize that Americans may have never even tasted, and may never taste, this glorious red sauce.

We should probably send help.

11. Like, we should be sending care packages with Swiss Chalet sauce. It could save people.

12. When this is a totally plausible sight at the SC:

14. But then someone suggests Swiss Chalet next time and you're all like:

15. Like, obviously.

16. Because Swiss Chalet is always a solid dining choice.

Going now. Bye!

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