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14 Perfect Reactions For When People Mistake You For An American


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When Canadians travel abroad, we tend to get mistaken for Americans A LOT. Here's a handy toolkit for the when these inevitable things are hurled at you.

1. Person: "I can tell by your accent that you're American."


2. Person: "Do you live near Disneyland?"

3. Person: "How do you feel about Trump becoming your President?


5. Person: "Is everything really bigger in Texas?"

6. Person: "Why do you guys get SO EXCITED about American football?"


7. Person: "I don't mean you personally, but some Americans can be so obnoxious."

8. Person: "You're leaving a tip? You must be from the U.S. of A."

9. Person: "Why do you Americans insist on plastering your flag EVERYWHERE?"


10. Person: "You live in America, right?! Do you know Lady Gaga?!"

11. Person: "So, like, do kids sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' while holding their hands over their hearts to a flag each morning at school?"


12. Person: "Oh, you're from North America? American?"

13. Person: "But you totally look like an American."

And if and when you tell them you're from Canada...

14. Person: "Oh, Canada! from Toronto?"

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