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30 Things That Would Be Different If "Pretty Little Liars" Were Set In Canada

The A reveal would have made just as little sense, tbh. *Possible spoilers if you're not caught up.*

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1. The Liars wouldn't live in Rosewood, PA—they'd live in Selkirk, MB.


2. Instead of hanging out at The Brew, they'd obviously grab their morning coffee from Tim Hortons.

3. And since there wouldn't be a super cute coffee shop full of comfy chairs and couches, the Liars would drink their coffee in one of their cars in the high school parking lot.

4. They would constantly travel to Winnipeg, not Philadelphia, for shopping, A tracking, etc.

5. Spencer's barn would have been a REAL barn — complete with hay bales — and the girls would have gone there to drink Smirnoff Ice.

6. Ali would have been wearing a yellow Lululemon hoodie the night she disappeared.


7. Ali wouldn't have been able to be buried in Spencer's backyard because the ground was frozen.

8. When Maya's parents found out she was smoking weed, they would have grounded her and kept her stash for themselves.

9. Maya would have given Emily a pair of Team Canada mittens instead of a scarf.

10. On Halloween episodes, the girls would have had to wear GIANT winter coats over their cute costumes.

11. In fact, ALL of their amazing outfits would be covered up in bulky coats for 90% of the year.


12. Ali would have vacationed in the Muskokas, not Florida.

13. Winter formal, homecoming, and ALL THE MANY OTHER occasions for the liars to wear ball gowns wouldn't exist. They would just go to random school dances in jeans. If they even went.

14. All the "Red Coats" would have worn red Canada Goose parkas.

15. Spencer would have been freaking out about getting into McGill University.

16. Toby would have joined the RCMP. But he would never have been an actual officer during the show because he's, like, 19 and you need to go to school for that.


17. Caleb's mom would have lived in Vancouver instead of Montecito and she would have been married to a real estate developer.

18. Caleb would have had hockey hair.

19. Instead of dinner at the trendy Apple Rose Grille, the girls would have had to settle for the specials at Barney Gargles.

20. Spencer would have played actual hockey (ice hockey), not field hockey.

21. Emily would have had a part-time job at Co-op instead of The Brew.


22. A would have bought all the necessary ropes, knives, blowtorches, and other equipment needed to be A from Canadian Tire.

23. But for the electronic stuff, A would have had to drive into Winnipeg for a Best Buy.

24. Caleb, Shana, and Ezra would not have gotten shot. Because gun laws.

25. Nothing would have really happened from late October to early April because it's too cold for stalking/terrorizing in the winter.

26. A raccoon, not a dog, would have uncovered Mrs. D. in a very shallow grave because the ground would have STILL been frozen.

27. The "dollhouse" would have been an old abandoned hockey arena.

28. "Prom" would have been called "grad" and be consisted of dinner with parents, lots of teacher speeches, and no masked creepo eluding students through elaborate twisty mazes.

29. The Wine Moms would have been Caesar Moms.

30. And THIS would have been the big A reveal: