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    24 Gorgeous Wedding Photos From Across Canada

    'Tis the season in the Great White North.

    1. When nature provides the only backdrop you need:

    2. When winter conditions aren't stopping you:

    3. When the Okanagan is steps away:

    4. When you embrace your maritime roots:

    5. Or opt for the most perfect backyard celebration:

    6. When you find a little slice of heaven:

    7. When you live and breathe red and white:

    8. When your silhouette is ~just so~.

    9. When there's nothing in front of you but vast, open skies:

    10. And you are literally surrounded by beauty:

    11. When you face the horizon together:

    12. And take time to steal a kiss:

    13. When the Regina cityscape is just as stunning as the countryside:

    14. When the light is soft:

    15. And the trees envelop you:

    16. When you're alone in a great forest in the middle of Calgary:

    17. Or surrounded by history in Ottawa:

    18. When you embrace the cold:

    19. When the fall colours play around you:

    20. When there's a moment of absolute stillness:

    21. When you add a pop of colour to an unexpected place:

    22. When it feels like you're deliciously alone:

    23. And it's just you and the trees:

    24. And finally, when you're on top of the world: