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11 Of The Most Adorable Canadian Baby And Toddler Etsy Shops

Online shopping FTW.

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BuzzFeed Canada / Etsy

1. Zoomboone Creations

Deck out that nursery with these delightful designs. Zoomboone Creations has instant downloads for modern posters in soft colours to adorn your little one's new bedroom.

2. MIKI Baby Blanket

Wrap your baby in love in the form of a soft, cuddly blanket. These handmade, Japanese-cotton blankets are great for swaddling. The store also carries adorable hats, bandanas, and pacifier clips.

3. Crown Minky Blankets

Minky blankets are THE SOFTEST EVER. Snuggle your little one in a personalized oh-so-plush blanket.

4. Atelier Saint-Cerf

Go traditional with a wooden toy rocketship or cute baby spoons! Atelier Saint-Cef has a variety of eco-friendly toys and baby items.

5. Potato Patch

After the baby shower, you probably have so many gifted baby clothes, and in all different sizes. Organize them with these cute dividers, tagged with different ages for each size of onesie.

6. CD And Bree

Traditional bibs are so passé. Accessorize the inevitable spit-up with a charming bandana.

7. Shop Pamplemousse

TWO WORDS: BABY LEGGINGS. Easy, comfy, and FREAKING JUST SO ADORABLE. They have an amazing range of patterns and colours to choose from.

8. Tied In Knots Crochet

You definitely want to dress your baby as a tiny viking, right? Or top their sweet-smelling head with a penguin tuque? Great! 'Cause now there is a place to do just that.

9. Glaneuses

Declare your baby's love for poutine with a rad graphic onesie or bib.

10. Squeakers And Tots

Want your toddler to be top of the preschool fashion class? Grab her these must-have organic looks. Plus, they're organic!

11. A Goose And A Moose

Your kid needs a slouchy beanie, and they definitely need it in a sweet print.