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    19 Things That'd Be Different If "Stranger Things" Were Set In Canada

    "Mornings are for Double-Doubles and contemplation."

    WARNING: This post contains spoilers about the first season of Stranger Things.

    1. In the Upside Down, snow would drift through the air instead of ash.

    2. Hopper would leave Eleven a little bottle of authentic Canadian maple syrup with the waffles.

    3. The lunch lady would hoard Nanaimo bars in the fridge instead of chocolate pudding.

    4. Dustin wouldn't be mocked for his missing front teeth, because everyone would just assume he was a hockey player. (Plus, he's already got the hair.)

    5. And Steve's hair would have more of a hockey mullet flair to it.

    6. THIS scene just wouldn't happen at all:

    7. Neither would this one:

    8. Police wouldn't find Will's supposed body in the quarry — because the water would be frozen over.

    9. Eleven would have to wear a toque to protect her shaved head in the Canadian weather.

    10. The snacks Dustin left for Eleven would include a bag of All Dressed chips.

    11. Instead of The Clash, Jonathan would introduce Will to The Tragically Hip.

    12. Hopper would sport a red uniform.

    13. Canadian Hopper: "Mornings are for Double-Doubles and contemplation."

    14. When Mrs. Wheeler has all the kids over for dinner, she would serve Kraft Dinner.

    15. The ~cool~ kids would shotgun cans of Molson Canadian.

    16. And NO WAY would Steve have a pool in his backyard! It would be the hockey rink his dad builds every winter.

    17. AND Barb wouldn't be sitting out there all by herself because it would be freezing. SO, the monster couldn't drag her into the Upside Down and kill her. Canadian Stranger Things = BARB'S STILL ALIVE!!!

    18. A poster for My Bloody Valentine would hang in Jonathan's room.

    19. And lastly, when we finally get a good view of the monster: