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14 Of The Most Crazy Creepy Places In Canada

Just in time for Halloween ...or maybe not.

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1. Craigdarroch Castle (Victoria, BC)

Built in: 1890

Claim to ghost-fame: Craigdarroch castle is currently a museum, with the house looking as it did circa the Victorian era. It is said to still be home to one of its original occupants, Joan Dunsmuir, and she has purportedly appeared in photographs taken by visitors. People have also claimed to hear whispers throughout the property, or smell burning candles coming from Joan's room.

2. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Banff, AB)

Opened to public in 1888.

Claim to ghost-fame: There are a few different ghost stories floating (ha ha) around this hotel. If you stay there, you might hear the eerie wails of a young bride who fell to her death down one of the grand stairways on her wedding day; Or a former bellhop who just never wanted to leave is said to have continued his service after his death. Reports of elevator doors mysteriously opening and quiet knocks on room doors have been attributed to this well-meaning spectre.

3. Bytown Museum (Ottawa, ON)

Built in: 1827

Claim to ghost-fame: It's unclear who is haunting this museum, but it seems to be a departed man, or men, who live here. Noises — including deep voices — have been said to be heard in the building. There have also been reports of objects —most creepily, old dolls — moving of their own volition.


4. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse (Toronto, ON)

Built in: 1808

Claim to ghost-fame: The site of a horrible murder, it is said that the ghost of the victim, John Paul Radelmüller — who was the lighthouse keeper in 1815 — still haunts the place.

5. Fort Garry Hotel (Winnipeg, MB)

Built in: 1913

Claim to ghost-fame: Another railway hotel that's said to be haunted by past guests, Fort Garry Hotel is apparently home to the ghost of a young woman who killed herself in room 202. Visitors who've stayed in that room have purportedly felt someone getting into bed with them, and bloody footprints were purportedly seen on the bedding.

6. The Fairmont Empress Hotel (Victoria, BC)

Built in: 1908

Claim to ghost-fame: A few stories circulate through this hotel. The ghost of an old lady is said to wander the sixth floor, looking for her room. It's been reported that she asks hotel guests if they can help her find her way. There is also a story of the ghost of a suicide victim in the attic of the building, as well as reports of unexplained sounds and items mysteriously being moved throughout the hotel.

7. Maritime Museum of BC (Victoria, BC)

Built in: 1889 (At least the building that housed the museum).

Claim to ghost-fame: The Maritime Museum of BC was recently held in the old provincial courts building in Bastion Square, but before there was a courts building on that site, there were police barracks and a jail. The jail yard saw many hangings, and some of the bodies of the doomed prisoners are still buried on the site. Chains are said to be heard rattling and the wails of prisoners supposedly can be heard at night.


8. HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel (Ottawa, ON)

Built in: 1862

Claim to ghost-fame: The hostel used to be a prison that housed inmates under terrible conditions, so death is no stranger in this former prison's walls. Along with the regular inmates, the Ottawa Jail became a temporary home to death-row prisoners — who apparently all stayed on the eighth floor. Voices, cries, apparitions, and all sorts of spooky behaviour have been heard throughout the years.

9. St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, NS)

Built in: 1853

Claim to ghost-fame: The haunted activity at this university is said the be the result of a love-affair gone wrong. Students have seen "The Blue Nun" wandering their halls — even though she jumped to her death from a balcony long ago. She supposedly killed herself because of an affair between her and a priest — who also was a supposed ghostly resident of the school.

10. The Bedford Regency Hotel (Victoria, BC)

Built in: Original building was built in 1911.

Claim to ghost fame: The Bedford Regency Hotel was once the notorious Churchill Hotel. In the 1960s, the Churchill Hotel was a seedy destination with a rough beer hall in its basement. The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who lived and died there. She supposedly killed herself after witnessing her lover brutally beaten to death on the steps of the beer hall. In her room, guests have reported seeing her ghost fly at them as they open the door, as well as flashes of her face when they look in the mirror.

11. Tranquille Sanatorium (Kamloops, BC)

Built in: 1907

Claim to ghost-fame: Tranquille Sanatorium was a hospital for patients with tuberculosis in the early 20th century. The then-untreatable disease carried off men, women, and children at the Sanatorium, and some of those patients still purportedly live there. Disembodied voices and sounds of children playing have been reportedly heard floating in the air.


12. The Keg Mansion (Toronto, ON)

Built in: 1867

Claim to ghost-fame: It's now a restaurant, but The Keg Mansion was once a private home for the Massey family. When the family's daughter, Lillian, died, it's said that one of their maids hanged herself inside the house. The story goes that she never left, and has been seen hanging over the grand staircase.

13. Five Fishermen Restaurant (Halifax, NS)

Built in: The original building was constructed in 1817.

Claim to ghost fame: The building that houses the Five Fishermen restaurant has been many things over the years — including a morgue. In the early 20th century, John Snow & Co. Funeral Home took in bodies from both the sinking of the Titanic and the horrific Halifax Explosion. A lot of paranormal activity have been reported in the restaurant — anything from disembodied voices to cutlery flying off the table.

14. The Prince House (Calgary, AB)

Built in: 1894

Claim to ghost-fame: The Prince House is a part of Heritage Park Historical Village. Most of the ghostly activity is said to be centred around the third floor, which is not open to the public. Noises and footsteps have been heard and a figure in white has supposedly been seen in the house.

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