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    Posted on Jul. 22, 2016

    12 Awful Experiences That Are All Too Real For Anyone Who Uses Kijiji

    Buying and selling and regretting.

    Kijiji can be a wonderful place. You can buy stuff, you can sell stuff — it can work.

    BUT. Sometimes buying and selling on Kijiji can be a NIGHTMARE.

    It's kind of like going to a garage sale and haggling over a pair of chipped china owls for $2. Except that Kijiji is SO MUCH WORSE, for so many reasons:

    1. Like when someone wants to buy something you're selling (yay!), so you arrange to meet in a parking lot halfway between your houses. But then they JUST. DON'T. SHOW. UP. / Via

    Wasting time is my favourite. Thanks, guy!

    2. Or when you're selling something for $250 — and it's legitimately worth $250 — and you keep getting emails offering you $40.

    3. When the dresser you likes comes with its own, um, baggage.

    "I believe it is made out of oak and not self-loathing and hatred." I just want the dresser, dude, not your breakup manifesto.

    4. When you go on the "Jobs" section to find a new gig, but all of the listings are just from people looking for work.

    5. When you think you got a really good deal on some baby furniture, but then you have to scrape someone else's baby gunk out of the inner crevices.

    And you wish you'd just forked over the extra $50 to buy a new one.

    6. When you buy something motorized and it stops working the moment you bring it home.

    And, of course, the seller no longer responds to phone calls, texts, or emails.

    7. When you have to go through approximately 5,000 landscaping company ads before finding ONE that will actually show up and give you a quote.

    8. When you make the HORRENDOUS MISTAKE of buying soft furniture from a "pet-friendly home."

    And so this ^^^ is what your house smells like for the rest of eternity.

    9. When you visit a rental listing and the actual apartment looks NOTHING like the photos.

    10. When you're really excited about that new purse you bought, but when you go to pick it up, the seller's house looks like an episode of Hoarders. / Via

    Quick! How do you sanitize pleather?

    11. When you find that PERFECT thing you've been looking for forever and it's even in your price range and you excitedly email the seller... only to find out they sold the item two months ago. / Via


    12. And finally, when you try to save money by getting a contractor off Kijiji and immediately regret everything.

    Facebook: ContractorFails

    Thanks for the real quality work there, bud.

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