19 Of The Best Places To Get Poutine Across Canada

    Drop down and get your gravy on.

    We asked you Canadians to tell us where to get the graviest and cheesiest poutine in our great nation.


    Alas, here are the best places in Canada to stuff your face with the perfect trifecta that is fries, gravy and cheese curds:

    1. Belgian Fries — Vancouver, British Columbia

    2. Whistle Stop Café — Peterborough, Ontario

    3. Ivan's Restaurant — North Bay, Ontario.

    4. La Belle Patate — Canmore, Alberta

    5. La Poutine — Edmonton, Alberta

    6. Joe Beeverz Bar & Grill — Brandon, Manitoba

    7. Le Smoking BBQ — Montreal, Quebec

    8. The Wolf and Hound Irish Pub — Vancouver, British Columbia

    9. Restaurant Chez Claudette — Montreal, Quebec

    10. RIV Chip Stand — Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

    11. Big Red's Poutine — Maple Ridge, British Columbia

    12. La Banquise — Montreal, Quebec

    13. Big T's BBQ — Calgary, Alberta

    14. Pierre's Poutine — Guelph, Ontario

    15. Ches's Famous Fish and Chips — St. John's, Newfoundland

    16. Kenzingtons Burger Bar — Barrie, Ontario

    17. Johnny Fresco's Restaurant — Waterloo, Ontario

    18. Robbies Smokehouse And Burgers — Kahnawake, Quebec

    19. Ziggy Peelgoods — St. John's Newfoundland

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