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    19 Of The Best Places To Get Poutine Across Canada

    Drop down and get your gravy on.

    We asked you Canadians to tell us where to get the graviest and cheesiest poutine in our great nation.


    Alas, here are the best places in Canada to stuff your face with the perfect trifecta that is fries, gravy and cheese curds:

    1. Belgian Fries — Vancouver, British Columbia

    "Belgium Fries in Vancouver has the greatest poutine EVER. The fries are crispy, the gravy is thick, and the curds are massive. It is to die for."


    2. Whistle Stop Café — Peterborough, Ontario

    Facebook: 300097501689

    "Whistle Stop in Peterborough, Ontario has the largest selection in Canada. Not an exaggeration, it is a confirmed fact. 100+ types and they are all so friggin' good!"


    3. Ivan's Restaurant — North Bay, Ontario.

    "They don't skimp on the cheese or gravy and they have tons of speciality poutines, from 'Philly Cheese Steak' to 'Stacker' (covered in onion rings). The portions are huge and fairly priced."


    4. La Belle Patate — Canmore, Alberta

    Facebook: LaBellePatate

    "It’s a dive bar in the industrial area, and run by a Montreal expat. Best poutine and smoked meat sandwich ever."


    5. La Poutine — Edmonton, Alberta

    Facebook: 168208646549649

    "The owner is from Quebec so it’s about as authentic as you can get in this part of the country. Their Canadian poutine topped with bacon is to die for. Makes for great sober food as well as drunk food. They also have vegan options if you’re into that!"


    6. Joe Beeverz Bar & Grill — Brandon, Manitoba

    Facebook: joebeeverz

    "They have a lot of different and exciting choices for poutines and once made the world’s largest poutine!"


    7. Le Smoking BBQ — Montreal, Quebec

    Facebook: lesmokingbbq

    "The Ribs poutine at Le Smoking BBQ in Montreal is so delicious."


    8. The Wolf and Hound Irish Pub — Vancouver, British Columbia

    "The Wolf And Hound pub in Vancouver has the best poutine in the world. They come with truffle mayo, which is literally the best."


    9. Restaurant Chez Claudette — Montreal, Quebec

    "Try the 'Celine.' It's not authentic if it's not a greasy spoon in Quebec. Enjoy with a side of pogos and Blanche de Chambly."

    — Laura Huddart, Facebook

    10. RIV Chip Stand — Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

    Facebook: rivchipstand

    "They're loaded with cheese curds! Also have amazing pogos."

    — Hannah Martin, Facebook

    11. Big Red's Poutine — Maple Ridge, British Columbia

    Facebook: BigRedsPoutine

    "Jerk Chicken or Montreal Smoked Meat poutine anyone? I'm a traditionalist though, so I go for just the fries, gravy and curds. You can hear them chipping the potatoes by hand in the truck. The curds are local too. Mmmm!"

    — Megan Heather, Facebook

    12. La Banquise — Montreal, Quebec

    Facebook: poutinelabanquise

    "Montreal's La Banquise will always be my #1 (a serious plus-side is that it's open 24hrs)!!"

    — Yana Iossel, Facebook.

    13. Big T's BBQ — Calgary, Alberta


    "The gravy is made from the delicious drippings of the smoker and filled with authentic Southern-style pulled pork or brisket. Technically an 'appie' but worth it as a meal."


    14. Pierre's Poutine — Guelph, Ontario

    15. Ches's Famous Fish and Chips — St. John's, Newfoundland

    Facebook: 115898808447616

    "Crispy homemade fries, amazing gravy and lots of cheese. Shit is magical."


    16. Kenzingtons Burger Bar — Barrie, Ontario

    17. Johnny Fresco's Restaurant — Waterloo, Ontario

    Facebook: 412815118807856

    Johnny Fresco's in Waterloo Ontario has the best poutine you will ever eat! They have everything from a cheese steak poutine, to a chicken parmesan poutine, to just the good ol' classic. Their fries are crispy and their cheese is in curds — The way poutine should be.

    18. Robbies Smokehouse And Burgers — Kahnawake, Quebec

    Facebook: RobbiesSmokeHouseandBurgerBar

    "Best fries, sauce and whatever meat you want! (Bacon, smoked meat, sausage etc.)"

    — Trecillia Lemire, Facebook

    19. Ziggy Peelgoods — St. John's Newfoundland

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