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19 Of The Best Places To Get Poutine Across Canada

Drop down and get your gravy on.

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We asked you Canadians to tell us where to get the graviest and cheesiest poutine in our great nation.


Alas, here are the best places in Canada to stuff your face with the perfect trifecta that is fries, gravy and cheese curds:


5. La Poutine — Edmonton, Alberta

Facebook: 168208646549649

"The owner is from Quebec so it’s about as authentic as you can get in this part of the country. Their Canadian poutine topped with bacon is to die for. Makes for great sober food as well as drunk food. They also have vegan options if you’re into that!"



11. Big Red's Poutine — Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Facebook: BigRedsPoutine

"Jerk Chicken or Montreal Smoked Meat poutine anyone? I'm a traditionalist though, so I go for just the fries, gravy and curds. You can hear them chipping the potatoes by hand in the truck. The curds are local too. Mmmm!"

— Megan Heather, Facebook

14. Pierre's Poutine — Guelph, Ontario

"Pierre's Poutine is my favorite. The owner is Quebecois and used to run a shop in Montreal and it shows.... Now excuse me while I go get poutine."

— Kayla Marie Clark, Facebook


16. Kenzingtons Burger Bar — Barrie, Ontario

Instagram: @kenzingtonburgerbar

"They have some great poutine. My fave is the 'Gar Par' which has garlic fries, parmesan, curds and rosemary mayo on top. Fantastic."

— Becky Lynn Smith, Facebook

17. Johnny Fresco's Restaurant — Waterloo, Ontario

Facebook: 412815118807856

Johnny Fresco's in Waterloo Ontario has the best poutine you will ever eat! They have everything from a cheese steak poutine, to a chicken parmesan poutine, to just the good ol' classic. Their fries are crispy and their cheese is in curds — The way poutine should be.

19. Ziggy Peelgoods — St. John's Newfoundland

"It's truly life changing."

— Adam Spurrell, Facebook

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