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19 Babies Who Are So Done With The Snow In Atlantic Canada

These babies understand your pain.

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Atlantic Canada is still dealing with an obscene amount of snow.

Is this how you feel about the snow? Spotted on Phillip St in #Halifax , thanks Geoffrey McVey!

And it's got people feeling a little down. But no one more so than these babies.

I mean, c'mon. They did NOT sign up for second winter.
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I mean, c'mon. They did NOT sign up for second winter.

1. This baby's totally regretting not finding out about second winter before moving from the womb to Atlantic Canada.

2. This baby is shocked that you want to go outside.

No, really. You've seen what it's like out there, right?

3. This baby was just told it's actually spring in other parts of the country.

Don't worry, little guy. It's only spring in BC.

4. This poor little girl thought she could take on the snow.

I fought the snow and the snow won.

5. This baby wants to know when she can go back inside.

6. This little one is realizing how long it will be before she can enjoy a sun-drenched day in the kiddie pool.

7. This baby wants to know if you're serious about "trying to dig us out".

Why should she have to help with your crazy idea?

8. This baby is so done with the snow that he's going to sleep 'til summer.

Wake me in July.

9. This baby wants to know what kind of "fun" you think can be had in the snow.

The answer is none.

10. This little guy is so ready for his mom to stop dressing him like a penguin.

As much as the snow makes him feel like he lives in the arctic.

11. The baby on the right was just told that there would be no hot chocolate because they ran out and can't get to store through the PILES AND PILES of snow.

Baby on the left is still living in sweet ignorance.

12. This baby needs some time with her binky before she even thinks about going outside.

13. This baby is totally questioning your judgement for wanting to drive somewhere in this weather.

You crazy?

14. This baby didn't know what he was getting himself into when he offered to "help".

15. This baby doesn't even know why everyone is so in love with Frozen. Snow is bullsh*t.

16. This baby is so over the "winter wonderland".

17. The baby's started a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to end the second winter for good.

18. This baby would like to know if she's too young to be a "Snow Bird".

Next year, I'm heading south.

19. And, finally, this baby has questioned everything he's already attained about life, like "this can't be for real, right?"

Sorry, little dude. It's all too real.

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