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18 Differences Between Snow Days In Canada And America

The cold never bothered Canada, anyway.

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1. America: Time to get out the winter boots.


2. Canada: I guess, maybe, it's time to put the flip flops away.

Instagram: @gnunez0

3. America: I don't know if I can make it into work tomorrow. The roads look bad.

Instagram: @drandyg83

4. Canada: I might be a bit late getting into the office Monday morning — I want to stop at Tim's.

Instagram: @cropyyc

5. America: Make sure you have plenty of bottled water and don't leave home unless totally necessary.

Instagram: @j_swan23

6. Canada: So you wanna build a snowman?

Instagram: @jnjennyhz

7. America: We had to dig ourselves out — I couldn't even see my car.


8. Canada: Snow forts for days. (The car's somewhere in here.)

Instagram: @fleurandstitch

10. Canada: The teacher said shovelling could count as today's P.E. class.

Instagram: @jenndev0307

11. America: Do we own a snowblower?

Instagram: @katie

12. Canada: OK, who remembered to bring the shovel inside last night?

Instagram: @sludgepanda

13. America: Yeah, I'm keeping the kids inside today.

Instagram: @jimverraros

14. Canada: This is what snowsuits are for.


15. America: I hate winter driving.

Instagram: @coleahjoan

*Winter driving and raging snowstorms can actually be pretty dangerous on both sides of the border — so humour aside, remember to stay winter safe!

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