21 Nostalgic Christmas Gifts To Make Canadian '90s Kids Feel Old

    Santa won't be bringing anything nearly as cool to the youths this year.

    1. A spanking new Moffatts CD.

    2. A Rod Hockey game.

    3. A Creepy Crawlers bug-making oven.

    4. A ~trendy~ new shirt from Northern Getaway.

    5. A Doodle Bear to showcase your mad drawing skills.

    6. For the daredevils, a GT Snowranger.

    7. A Stretch Armstrong for wicked tug-a-wars.

    That you and your sibling kept going ALL. MORNING. LONG.

    Until you took the scissors to his arm to see what was inside.

    8. Because you could never have enough stuffed animals that gave birth — Pony Surprise.

    9. A Baby All Gone to help nurture your 6-year-old maternal instincts.

    10. Just in case watching the show on YTV wasn't scary enough, you asked for an Are You Afraid of the Dark board game.

    11. A glam Lil Miss Magic Jewels doll.

    Those velcro jewels stuck to EVERYTHING.

    Except your hair — the only place you wanted them to stay.

    12. A Dear Diary for all your private thoughts.

    13. Duck Hunt for Nintendo.

    14. Squishy, delicious-smelling Water Babies.

    15. A Magna Doodle for the budding ~artiste~.

    16. A glitzy Sun Jewel Barbie.

    So you could pretend to live a glamorous life on a beach somewhere instead of smack dab in the middle of snowy Saskatchewan.

    17. A new Franklin book that you'd probably found in your stocking.

    18. But you really wanted this Franklin Dominoes set.

    19. A Lite Brite to sharpen your creativity.

    20. This fishing game.

    21. And lastly, your very own Molly doll.