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17 Back-To-School Moments All Canadian ‘90s Kids Will Never Forget

Back when you were still allowed to play grounders at recess.

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1. Getting one of these and immediately filling in all the lines between the provinces.

2. And the white space in "Hilroy."

First item of business: check.

3. Feeling the tips of your pre-sharpened pencil crayons.

4. Picking which colour duotang to use for each subject.

Math — pink.

French — blue.

Social studies — ...


5. Laying out your first-day-of-school outfit.

With the coolest shirt from Northern Getaway.

6. Asking your mom to buy Dunkaroos for your lunch.

7. Counting your Crazy Bones.

To be prepared for recess, obviously.

8. Eating cereal with PJ Paul and PJ Aashna.

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While your mom yelled at you to GO GET DRESSED FOR SCHOOL!

9. And that cereal? It was Trix...when they were actually shaped like fruit-type-things.

Which begs the question:

Although, Trix in any form would be welcomed back in Canada :).

10. For French Immersion kids, remembering nothing upon entering the classroom for the first time.

Oh right...French. Bonjour, Madame!

11. Organizing your new pencils.

Which you may or may not have used for actual writing.

12. And getting the perfect stacked eraser pen to go with your pencils.

13. Trying on your snowsuit before back-to-school shopping.

To make sure that it still fit. Because once September hits, winter was fair game.

14. Flubbing your way through the English/French version of "O Canada" at the first assembly of the year.

♫Car tons bras est une poupée...♫

15. Getting your school calendar and putting a star next to every PD day.

Your teachers were just as excited, tbh.

16. Using packing tape and photos/magazine cutouts to decorate your agenda.

17. And finally, putting these little gloves on for your first walk to the bus stop.

And promptly losing one that same day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And promptly losing one that same day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯