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    26 Healthy Snack Ideas

    Satiate those snack attacks with these tasty options.

    1. Roasted Lentils and Green Mango Salsa

    2. Ham-Jicama Wraps

    3. Crispy, curly carrots & Beet Chips with Dill-Yogurt Dip

    4. Strawberry Delight

    5. Cajun-Spiced Walnuts

    6. Lemony-Avocado with Endive Dippers

    7. Cheesy Popcorn

    8. Coco-nut Bars

    9. Cinnamon-Honey Almonds

    10. Red Lentil Pate

    11. Avocado Sashimi

    12. Pickled Hard-Boiled Egg

    13. Baked Spiced Chickpeas

    14. Baby Artichokes

    15. Dried Strawberries

    16. Apple Chips

    17. Quinoa Pizza Bites

    18. Adult Ants on a Log

    19. Apple Sandwich

    20. PB Energy Balls

    21. Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters

    22. Banana Oatmeal Cookies

    23. Kiwi and Coconut

    24. Sweet Potato Skins

    25. Frozen Grapes

    26. Dried Apricot Canapes