16 Signs That You’re In Love With Chicken Nuggets

You know you want some now.

1. You eat them for both a snack and a meal.

If you’re not too hungry then you can just have a few but if you’re starving then you can eat like fifty.

2. You are incredibly jealous of this woman.

Can someone create this please?

3. You may have a favorite place to get them but overall you really don’t care.

As long as you get nuggets then you are happy!

4. This is the one thing you can relate to Honey Boo Boo on.

TLC / Via theberry.com

5. This is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever read.

Please take anything but the nuggets!

6. You appreciate all the fun shapes they come in.

Nobody can resist dino nuggets!

7. This is your ideal salad.

It would be better without the lettuce or tomatoes.

8. You know that this guy is thinking reasonably about spending money.

Can you even imagine???

9. You need this shirt immediately.

10. You also need this bag ASAP.

For only $20?! The only better way to spend money is on actual chicken nuggets.

11. This is what you look like when you are near chicken nuggets.

Bill gets it.

12. You know that there is no better feeling than this one.

13. This brings back so many wonderful childhood* memories.

*or current since you probably ate one of these last week.

14. This is how you react when people say, “Don’t you know what they’re made of!”

15. You share this kid’s beliefs.

16. This burns your eyes.


If you agreed with all of these things then you are indeed in love with chicken nuggets!

Now go out and reward yourself with some!

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