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    Ranking Horror Movie Villains' Outfits From "Absolutely Nauseating" To "Honestly, I'd Wear It"

    I guess no one told Freddy Krueger that horizontal stripes aren't that flattering...

    When it comes to horror movies, we usually discuss how scary (or not scary!) they are, but we rarely even mention the fashion.

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    That's why we decided to rank some of the most iconic looks from some of cinema's most iconic killers. Without further ado, here's where everyone stands:

    13. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984)

    New Line Cinema

    Well...I guess we finally found Waldo.

    The stripes are NOT a good look for Krueger here, and don’t even get us started on that hat. He seems like he’s just trying to hide the fact that he lacks a skincare routine.

    12. Pennywise (It, 2017)

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Clown outfits are never it (see what we did there?).

    The ruffled collar? What is this, the Elizabethan Era? That makeup looks a little cake-y too…Pennywise might need to take some notes from Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel.

    11. Samara Morgan (The Ring, 2002)

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

    The hospital gown dress business is already confusing, and the black frayed edges really emulate that dirty, worn look. Not to mention...Samara, sweetie, maybe consider pulling back that greasy hair to frame that lovely face of yours.

    10. Michael Myers (Halloween, 1978)

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    The mask is a classic, however the dark gray janitor-style jumpsuit? Talk about boring! He could’ve at least tried a different color or a fun pattern.

    It might be a practical choice with its pockets for murder weapons, but there’s no way Mr. Myers has an easy time getting blood stains out of that suit.

    9. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th, 1980)

    Paramount Pictures

    Jason seems like he’s trying to emulate Michael Myers here. Another dark-colored jumpsuit with some kind of about a copycat. Although, we must say that an old-school hockey mask is an interesting choice.

    8. Chucky (Child's Play, 1988)

    Universal Pictures

    The overalls are quite unique, however the multicolored striped shirt underneath is a bit questionable. Honestly, we’d recommend something more neutral, but the colors add a more childish feel to Chucky’s '80s-style look.

    7. Ghostface (Scream, 1996)

    Dimension Films

    A hooded black robe? Really? AND the flowing sleeves? It’s minimalist, sure, but we’re really lacking some style here. It’s all just too plain.

    The name “Ghostface” totally suits the mask choice though.

    6. La Llorona (The Curse of La Llorona, 2019)

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    La Llorona really channels her inner bride here in her tattered wedding dress and flowing veil. Is it a bit bland? Yes...but we’ll let her have her special day. She still makes this outfit work.

    5. Parker Crane (Insidious, 2010)


    We’re intrigued with the modern twist on the white bride. The corset detail is chic, but the skirt is lowkey giving off trash bag vibes. The all-black theme here is very edgy.

    Overall, we like his attempt.

    4. Esther (Orphan, 2009)

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Esther creates a doll-like look with her blue checkered long-sleeve dress and the bows in her pigtails. We’re definitely fans of the choker, which contrasts her innocent demeanor with a somewhat sinister touch, but she could use a pop of color against her overall dull outfit.

    3. Leatherface (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, 1974)

    Bryanston Distributing Company / Via

    We have to admit, the suit is not a bad choice. The loosened tie also adds to Leatherface’s "unhinged" look here as he swings around his iconic chainsaw.

    The mask? Still a classic even if it’s a bit boring.

    2. Jigsaw (Saw, 2004)

    Lions Gate Films

    Another suit-style look. The red bow tie and pocket hanky add a nice pop of color, and they match Jigsaw’s mask. Everything looks sharp and clean...

    Unlike the lethal traps he sets for his victims.

    1. And finally, Candyman (Candyman, 1992)

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Okay, pop off!

    Finally, we got some decent fits. We totally dig the fur coat, and he keeps it classy with a simple white button-down underneath. You gotta appreciate a killer who isn’t afraid to look good while being bad.

    Did we forget any other stylish horror movie villains? Let us know in the comments below!