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Want to travel next year? Feeling tired of your bad luck?? Need some extra cash?? Well… you might want to consider these awesome and infallible Colombian tricks to fix your path for next year. By Daniel Salazar in Bogota. www. for more cool travel stuff!!

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1. Suitcase run!

So you want to travel next year! Well... at exactly 12 o ‘clock get out of your house and run at your max speed around your entire block with one or more suitcases in each hand. The faster you go the higher the chances you’ll have of ending up travelling next year.

You can also set a race with your relatives… the one who arrives last doesn’t get to travel. Or make a competition between couples! At least, if you don’t win, the physical activity will give you a second air to keep drinking and enjoy your night

If you are not into travelling its still fun to see your family, friends and neighbors running around like idiots!

2. Sexy yellow underwear

ThenDo you need some extra money this coming year? Well, this one is for you!

On the morning of the 31st, or a couple days before, go to the nearest underwear store and buy some yellow panties of your preference. They MUST be ALL yellow! If not it doesn’t work!

Then... put them on before 12 o’clock and spend some time with them. They will assure you better financial results for the next year. You’ll be loaded!!!

P.s. They don’t necessarily have to be sexy. Its just nicer if they are ;-)

3. Eat your 12 grapes

Each grape symbolizes one month of the year and you get a wish for each grape.

Grab 12 grapes in your hands. When the clock strikes 12 start thinking of a wish for January and eat the first grape. Then, think of a wish for Februar! and eat the second grape.. and so on. So you get a wish for each grape you eat.

As usual, you are not allowed to tell anyone what you wished or you will ruin it.

4. Start with the right foot!

This one is easy. You wanna start the new year with the right foot! So MAKE SURE your first step in the new year is with the right foot.

For better results JUMP! Show everyone you are starting the new year with the right foot.

You can also troll your friends and family pushing them towards left.

5. Lentils in your pockets

Friend placing her lentils properly

Lentils are awesome! Not only are they delicious and nutritional, they can also bring you wealth!

Simply grab a handfull of uncooked lentils and put them in your pockets. Spend the night with them inside your pockets and that’s it! You just guaranteed yourself a wealthier new year!

For better results put lentils in your wallet or purse as well.

6. Shafts of wheat

Food shortages in your house, region or country? well… this is probably not such a common situation anymore but just in case.. you never know.

Place a bunch of shafts of wheat on your dinning table together with all the other food. You will guarantee a basic supply of food in your house.

7. “Año viejo” doll

The “año viejo” (old year) is a real size doll that represents something you want to leave behind in the “old year”, and what better way to leave things behind than burning them!

So on the morning of the 31st of December the male members of the family prepare the doll. When the clock strikes 12 you go to the street or any clear space and set it on fire with some petrol and matches.

Of course, in major cities in Colombia these dolls have been banned, and for good reason. There were lots of accidents with these dolls. But u can still see them in rural areas of the country.

Did you find it cool? Here's how to make one! It's very easy.. grab some old clothes you don’t use anymore, go to your local firework smuggler (fireworks are officially illegal in Colombia!!) and buy as many fireworks as you want.

Fill the clothes with paper, cloth and the firework, kind of making the shape of a person. Sew the pieces together and finally give it your special touch (a hat, a moustache, etc).

You can also write what you are burning, the name of the Año viejo, a message or whatever on a piece of paper and attach to it.

Here some Año viejo ideas..

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