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AWOLNATION's song "Burn It Down" kicks major butt. The video, however, is so ridiculously weird we had to make fun of it. Play along at home! Grab a screenshot and slap a witty comment on it. Click here to see our full commentary.

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  • The People's Court!

  • The accused embodies everything I ever wanted or needed in a man circa 1983-85.

  • Lightning flying from the fingertips is SO Emperor Palpatine. Or Anna Wintour. Or God.

  • This guy is like a super mad scientist combo of a young Carey Elwes, Spandau Ballet, and Duran Duran's stylist. I think it goes without saying that I like him.

  • Cheerleaders having a pillow fight? Here's the music video you've been waiting for your entire life, 13-year-old me!

  • Grab a screenshot and play along!

  • Click here to see our full commentary.