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    17 Times Men, Women And Animals Impersonated Classic Paintings

    Cats, dogs, bears and people recreating great art through the VanGoYourself website.

    1. It started with a painterly recreation of Van Gogh's self-portrait.

    2. Then a teddy bear imitated this woman in white.

    3. But it wasn't long before real animals were getting involved, whether they were cats with wings...

    4. ...or long-suffering dogs...

    5. ...or cats...

    6. ...or dogs...

    7. ...or even a collaborative animal-human effort. In this case, from New Zealand. With headbands.

    8. We salute this bearded chap with an uncanny resemblance to Henry VIII.

    9. For some people, it's all about the chest hair.

    10. A lot of people aren't shy.

    11. Even if they end up channelling baby Jesus.

    12. Or wind up wearing a wig and taking a boot.

    13. Nick Grimshaw turned a 17th century lute player's instrument into a racket. As you do.

    Grimmy reveals how he did it here:

    View this video on YouTube

    14. Some people wrapped themselves in blankets in a garden.

    15. These two could be hair twins across the centuries.

    16. It's the most creative way to get your five a day.

    17. But in the end, love is all you need.

    Fancy recreating a painting with your friends? Head over to!