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    12 September 1st Moving Moments Only Bostonians Can Understand

    With only a few days left of summer, Boston is already preparing for the most anxiety-inducing day of the year: September 1st. With nearly 80 percent of leases beginning on this dreaded day (in the largely college town), most city dwellers are all too familiar with the chaos that comes with this time of year, including standstill traffic, seas of moving trucks, and sidewalks full of, often eclectic, apartment clutter that didn't make the cut. This time of year is affectionately known as #AllstonChristmas. And every Bostonian is familiar with the 12 pains of the season.

    1. The last week of August is spent begging, pleading and harassing every friend, family member and random stranger on the green line to use their holiday weekend to help you carry boxes up four flights of stairs.

    2. On August 31st at 5:45 p.m. your landlord informs you that you have to be fully moved out of your current apartment by 10 p.m. that night, when your new lease doesn’t start until 12 p.m. the next day.

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    3. A friend from out of state calls and asks why everyone in Boston keeps talking about Christmas in September.

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    4. The U-Haul man openly laughs at you when you call on August 30th trying to reserve a van.

    5. You start singing along to Allston Christmas jingles people create on Twitter in order to stay sane as you dodge endless piles of apartment remnants on the streets.

    6. You anxiously bite your nails as you look out your window and see that traffic patterns resemble a losing game of Tetris.

    7. As you drag your belongings down Comm Ave, you realize that this is actually a spectator sport, and crowds have formed taking bets as you and your friends struggle to carry your new oversized couch four blocks. Heckling is definitely involved.

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    8. This happens…again.

    9. You end up driving up and down one-way streets looking for a parking spot, like hunters look for prey.

    10. You finally find an open spot, which is currently occupied by an overly zealous mother who informs you she is saving the spot for her BU freshman. You consider the ramifications of running her over for a solid 30 seconds.

    11. When you are finally able to start unpacking boxes, you try to remember why you asked for your parents help, as dad curses your new neighbors and mom rambles on about the lack of closet space.

    12. On September 2nd, you pledge to never move again, but similarly to how a pregnant woman seems to get amnesia about the pains of childbirth, by next May you will be searching Craigslist convinced moving is better than staying in your dumpy apartment.