The 17 Stages Of Every Oral Presentation

For many of us, speeches were the most-dreaded of all school assignments.

1. Walking up to the front of the class as slowly as possible, only for your teacher to tell you to hurry up

2. Bribing the audience to like you by providing food

3. Not knowing where to look

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4. But when you find a focal point, you stare it down with all your power

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5. When you drop your notes

6. Or drop an f-bomb…

7. When you assign your most unreliable friend to be on powerpoint duty

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8. And they click at the wrong times

9. Telling a joke and receiving a mute response

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10. Or hearing laughter in the middle of your very serious speech

11. When the teacher tells you to wrap it up and you still have two paragraphs left

12. So you just read the last sentence in an attempt to make a conclusion

13. But the class notices and they’re like

14. The best part is always the clapping when its over

15. Until… ‘Comments? Questions?’

16. Finally you get to sit down and relax…

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17. ….Until marks come out

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