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27 Times You Knew Brooke And Peyton Were The Ultimate BFFs

Arguably the best friendship of the 00's teen dramas, we will always remember Breyton.

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16. When Peyton told her unborn baby about her best friend / Via

"My best friend - okay this one is so important. Choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. She’s also impulsive, frustrating, complicated, childish, but I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts friends first. So if you are ever in any kind of trouble, you know who to call. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have watching over you"

21. Peyton’s speech to Brooke before her wedding / Via

"When I think of everyone else out there in the world that goes through their life alone, and then I think of all the amazing years I got to spend with my beautiful, beautiful best friend, Brooke Davis... I kinda feel sorry for everybody else."

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