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These Animals Will Help Deliver Your Mail

CUTER (albeit slower) ways to get your messages delivered

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Homing pigeons are great mail carriers because they have an innate homing instinct. This means that they will usually return to their nest and their mate (aww) which they can somehow find from hundreds of miles away! (get it, science) The only downside to this mode of mail delivery is that for carrier pigeons to work you have to be in possession of a pigeon whose home is where you want to send your letter.



Camels have been used to pull mail coaches, but they can also carry bags of mail on their humps. In Australia, post workers would tie camels loaded with mail together in a train and set off to deliver the mail. The last camel train was documented in 1925.


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Ok, so this is actually fictional. Owls only deliver mail in the world of Harry Potter, because apparently in reality they don't have the homing instincts necessary to deliver mail. So, until we can find a way to enchant owls with magic they won't deliver our mail, which is sad because who doesn't want a pet Hedwig?


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The Pony Express was a mail service that delivered mail across the United States by horseback in the 1860s. It was the fastest way to get a letter from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.

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