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13 Mistakes That Are Easy To Make But Hard To Solve

Take notes everybody!!

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1. Wearing See-Through Leggings / Via

This just got so real for lulu lemon shoppers, and yes, there is a totally easy way to avoid this; to a bend test before you leave home. However, when you're running late this is easy to forget. When you do remember that you didn't do a bend test, you will have already bent over approximately 1,000 times meaning that anywhere from 1 to 1 million people have seen your butt...oops.

9. Locking Yourself out of Your Dorm Room Without Your Phone / Via http://google

This always happens when you're wearing no shoes, clothes that are not weather appropriate, and none of your friends are home to help you. Oh, and security is on their lunch break. Obvs.

11. Forgetting Your Earbuds When Going to the Gym / Via

How are you supposed to get through a workout without tunes? And who wants to borrow from someone and get their ear germs all up in your ears? No one, no thank you.

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