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    3 Reasons To See #InHonorOfLifeThePlay

    I recently had the opportunity to see the incredibly unique off-Broadway play, Together We Are Making A Play In Honor Of Life. It's set in an actual New York City public school cafeteria, and chronicles the lives of Rebecca (Allison Layman) and Brian (Michael Dempsey) as they struggle to cope with the loss of their child after a tragic school shooting. Here are just a few reasons why it's worth seeing.

    1) It's immersive.

    In Honor Of Life The Play

    Audience members are encouraged to "pull up a chair" - literally. An environmental piece, the play follows the two main characters through a series of grief counseling sessions at their deceased child's school, where the audience is meant to serve as fellow attendees. Everyone is seated in a large circle of wooden chairs in the cafeteria of PS 142, children's artwork hung up on the walls, the sounds of the night janitor's keys jingling in the distance.

    The actors even work off of the audience at times - at several points throughout the show, they would plop themselves down next to an audience member and deliver their lines directly to them.

    2) You'll be impressed by the powerful performances.

    Via In Honor Of Life The Play

    The play has only two characters, so there is no doubt these actors are working extremely hard. It is truly amazing to watch these two people throw themselves so deeply into the story and have such an incredible, palpable connection to each other.

    3) It sheds light on important issues.

    In Honor Of Life The Play

    It's no secret that tragedies of this nature have, unfortunately, become more and more prevalent. This play not only delves into the emotional trauma of the victims of such tragedies, but also brings attention to some important organizations that create awareness for these issues. The show has partnered with Open to Hope, Grieving Parents Healing Together, The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus,, and National Grief Awareness Day.

    There you have it - 3 main reasons to see this incredible play. Get your tickets now, the show is only playing for a limited time run! For tickets and show information, check out

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