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    17 Things Women Over 5’3” Will Never Believe Short Girls Have To Deal With

    "Thigh-high" boots? More like "your-entire-leg" boots.

    1. When "thigh-high" boots look more like "your-entire-leg" boots:

    @datfoxy / Via

    Still cute, tho.

    2. When you stand next to anyone tall:

    Twitter: @ericampr11

    Is this real life?

    3. When the ONLY shoes you want are, OF COURSE, on the top shelf:

    ::Grabs box. Ducks for cover.::

    4. When you want to post a cute bathroom selfie, but alas:


    5. When you try on "cropped" pants:

    @toriturbo / Via


    6. And when you try "regular"-length pants, for that matter:

    @byebyecomfortzone / Via

    LOL at the ~worn knee holes~ that are now on my shin.

    7. When a crowd gathers around something exciting:

    Sara Pocock / BuzzFeed

    "I'd agree that it's cool, IF I COULD SEE."

    8. When you mistakenly buy "general admission" tickets to a show:

    @patsieroowho / Via

    "The band sounds good and looks...well, they SOUND good, anyway."

    9. When you lower the seatbelt as much as possible, but it still chokes you:

    10. And when people ask why your car seat is so far forward:

    Twitter: @terrified

    ::Crying:: "It's the only way my legs reach!"

    11. When you don't have a choice, but to pray to GOD the shelves don't break...

    @pipsqueek1423 / Via

    "Please don't break. Please don't break. Please don't break."

    12. ...or that you don't get trapped in the freezer section:

    @_laurenshort / Via

    "If I'm not back in 10 minutes, call someone."

    13. When there's just ONE sock left in the bottom of the washer:

    @blueislandgal / Via

    "I can reach it!"

    14. When you feel like a little kid sitting on your own bed:

    @nancykatherinem / Via

    ::kicks legs back and forth.::

    15. Or the toilet:

    @terirobinsongetsfit / Via

    Such a weird feeling.

    16. When the ONE ingredient you need is on the top shelf:

    Twitter: @tweetlikeagiri

    "Now, where did I put the paprika-ahhh, crap."

    17. And finally, whenever someone comments on your height: