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21 People Who Did A Dumb Thing In 2021 And Decided To Stick With It

Boo. Hiss. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

1. Like the person who pulled this scam:

2. This nightmare of a human who chose to be this way:

3. And this person too:

A truck parked over three spaces including a disabled spot, an emergency vehicle spot, and a 10 minute delivery spot
u/grimgrrl420 / Via

4. This person's parents, who need to give this a rethink:

5. The person who designed this training program:

6. And the dum-dum who made this test:

7. The person who is OK with their laptop being like this:

8. The rude designer who decided women's pockets should be virtually useless:

9. The nature hater who created this mess:

10. This improviser who made a choice (the wrong choice) and ran with it:

11. The creative monster who made this:

12. This person who reallllly needs to change their ways:

13. The contractor who made this awful decision:

14. The person who built this headache of a shower:

15. The engraver who was apparently on autopilot when they did this:

16. This manager who should maybe rethink their policy:

17. The person who put this kitchen gadget together:

18. The monster who decided this painted mess was OK:

19. Whoever the heck put this cooktop together:

20. The questionable web designer who made this "zoom in" feature:

A table with a square "zoom in" area that isn't zoomed in at all
u/heretocuckspiders / Via

21. And finally, this dude:

Ate half my sandwich prolly save the other half for later

Twitter: @normalguycaruso

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