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What Celebrity Death Was The Most Unexpected?

"I sometimes forget Alan Rickman is dead and then just get sad over it."

The death of a celebrity is almost always shocking. And it's oftentimes an event that brings people together because of the shared experience.

flowers and letters left to david bowie's memory at a shrine

But we want to know, what celebrity's death was THE MOST shocking, or unexpected, to you...and why?

Perhaps Chadwick Boseman's death left you crying for days, not just because it was so sad, but because it was a surprise to everyone (outside his inner circle) that he'd kept his battle with cancer very secret.

closeup of chadwick smiling

Maybe the death of beloved actor Robin Williams felt like a punch in the gut because you felt like you lost a close and personal friend that you grew up with.

closeup of robin

Or, perhaps, the death of Naya Rivera hit you extra hard when you learned that she saved her son's life before accidentally drowning while out boating with him.

naya and her son

So, now it's your turn — tell us, which celebrity death was the most unexpected or shocking for you and how it affected you.

carrie fisher as laila being projected to the side of a buidling

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