35 Short Girl Problems That Are Just So Fucking Annoying

    *bangs stomach on corner of table*

    1. Ripped knee holes in jeans being more like ripped SHIN holes on you.

    2. Having long-strap purses hang SO low that they bounce around hitting (and kinda hurting) your thigh…

    3. ...and then having to tie a GIANT KNOT in the purse strap to make it the actual right length for you.

    4. Hating that the “petite” section of a store only ever carries SOME of the clothes from the “regular” sized section...like, wtf?!

    5. And the fact that so many stores don’t even have petite lines and, if they do, it’s usually only available online.

    6. Accidentally "stabbing" your stomach when you bump into a table.

    7. Always having to ask for help with your overhead luggage on a plane because you can BARELY reach the bin (if at all).

    8. Using your purse/bag as a footstool on a plane so your legs don't go totally numb.

    9. Seeing a cute low-cut shirt, trying it on, then realizing it’s a little TOO low-cut on you — like, almost-down-to-your-belly-button low.

    10. Not being sure if a long skirt is actually a skirt or maybe just a tube dress.

    11. Needing a stepladder just to reach the top cabinet shelf in your kitchen…

    12. ...or using tongs to get what you need instead.

    13. Adjusting your car seat to the MAXIMUM height/closeness to the steering wheel only to find it’s still not high/close enough.

    14. And then worrying if you’ll be killed by the airbag in your car because you have to sit so close to it.

    15. Literally being choked by every seatbelt ever.

    16. And sometimes wearing the top seatbelt strap behind your torso — WHICH YOU KNOW ISN’T AS SAFE, BUT LIKE WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO?!

    17. Having to dive into the washing machine to get stuff out of the way bottom.

    18. Wearing heels so your feet don’t dangle off of chairs at school/work…

    19. ...or investing in some kind of footstool, which is kind of embarrassing, but better than suffering from back pain!

    20. Going to a "standing room only" show and not being able to see ANY of it.

    21. Realizing the exercise bike you’re sitting on doesn’t have a seat that can go low enough for your feet to reach the pedals.

    22. Feeling like you're drowning when you're just standing in the shallow end of a pool.

    23. Having the straps fall off on a bathing suit because the torso is just too darned long.

    24. Seeing only half your face (if at all) in some bathroom mirrors.

    25. Or having people say things like, “What are you like FIVE FEET tall?!” When you know darned well you’re at least a few inches over that — AND IT MATTERS.

    26. Having to REALLY stretch tall to make sure you get into a group selfie photo.

    27. Knee high boots never fitting because your calves hit the wrong spot entirely.

    28. If you're dating someone tall, finding it hard to give them a kiss when you're just walking around (without them breaking their back!).

    29. Having to climb racks at every store to get the ONE item you need — which, of course, is on the very top shelf.

    30. Putting on a jacket and looking like you don’t have hands because the sleeves are almost always, like, at least two inches too long.

    31. Trying on cute, capri-length pants/leggings/etc. and having them be disappointingly "normal" length on you.

    32. Trying on “regular” length pants and having them be like a foot too long...

    33. ...and not wanting to pay to have those pants hemmed.

    34. So, opting to roll them up instead, which is cute, but do you really have to do this for ALL your pants?! Hrmph.

    35. But, finally, knowing that despite all these ~small~ problems, you're still a big badass (and cute AF!).