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    17 Hilarious Tweets About Sephora That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Liner Runs

    "Sorry I can't afford to come to your wedding; I accidentally walked by a Sephora."

    1. When you learn unicorns really do exist:

    Twitter: @jennalightstone

    ::Cricket sounds::

    2. When you can't help but try EVERYTHING:

    Twitter: @KarenKilgariff

    Let me introduce you to Sephora-me.

    3. When you hear the words "promo" and "Sephora" mentioned together:

    Twitter: @mikaaykaayy

    Even if it is FAKE (*sobs*)!

    4. When your definition of "adulting" differs from your friends':

    Twitter: @mollysoda

    I mean, fair.

    5. When you have this level of confidence:

    6. Seriously:

    Twitter: @starlightIove

    ::Nods head slowly in agreement::

    7. When your hand basically turns into a GD work of art:

    Twitter: @MorgWhorg

    Every. Time.

    8. When you leave a whole a new person:

    9. When your S.O. finds other ways to entertain themselves as you shop:

    10. When the reviews got real AF (in an excellent way):

    Love it all.

    11. When this moment of self-realization sets in:

    12. When you realize Sephora is basically your happy place:

    Twitter: @farwzz


    13. When you sometimes wish you could wear this sign:

    Twitter: @GlamourGoaIs

    TY very much.

    14. When you suffer buyer's remorse...

    15. ...then get over it very quickly.

    Foiled again.

    16. When your S.O. doesn't want to come inside.

    Twitter: @SMASEY


    17. And finally, when you have to make important decisions: