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You Will Actually Cry Yourself To Sleep After Seeing How Much Kit Harington Loves Rose Leslie

Jongritte forever.

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2. When he danced with Rose and held her face like this.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) y Rose Leslie (Ygritte), ayer. Love is in the air 💏


3. When he got goofy for a Red Nose Day sketch and sang "Wildling" to the tune of "Wild Thing" directly to Rose.


6. When he provided the perfect shoulder for her to rest her arm on...

Not all heroes wear fur capes.

7. well as her whole body.

The only reason I'd want to go to a festival would be to ride on Kit's shoulders TBH.


10. And when they shared what looked like an adorable inside joke, too.

Rose: "Stark in the sheets..."

Kit: "...wildling in the streets!"