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You’ll Need To Lie Down After Seeing This Image Of Tormund Without His Beard


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And let's just all agree that his "look" on the show – particularly that big, beautiful, ginger beard – is iconic. JUST LIKE HIM.

Well, brace yourself, because here's what Tormund (IRL, Kristofer Hivju) looks like WITHOUT a beard:

Hivju himself shared this #TBT photo on Instagram with the comment, "The man has no beard...😐 VS🦁 He he!," and it's MAYBE one of the best #TBT's I've ever seen because it is 🔥🔥🔥 !


HBO / Kristofer Hivju /

I wonder what BRIENNE would think of a beardless Tormund?! Eh, she'd probably still not be ~into it~ (SOB). It's okay, though, because obviously WE all still love you Tormund! ❤️