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    May 4, 2017

    You’ll Need To Lie Down After Seeing This Image Of Tormund Without His Beard


    As all Game of Thrones fans know, this is Tormund Giantsbane.


    You probably know him best as Jon Snow's enemy turned BFF and also Brienne of Tarth's biggest admirer (minus, you know, all of us?!).

    And let's just all agree that his "look" on the show – particularly that big, beautiful, ginger beard – is iconic. JUST LIKE HIM.


    Like, there is pretty much NO other way you can picture him...RIGHT?

    Well, brace yourself, because here's what Tormund (IRL, Kristofer Hivju) looks like WITHOUT a beard:

    Hivju himself shared this #TBT photo on Instagram with the comment, "The man has no beard...😐 VS🦁 He he!," and it's MAYBE one of the best #TBT's I've ever seen because it is 🔥🔥🔥 !

    Here's a little side-by-side for funsies, too.

    HBO / Kristofer Hivju /

    Pure. SORCERY.

    HBO / Kristofer Hivju /

    I wonder what BRIENNE would think of a beardless Tormund?! Eh, she'd probably still not be ~into it~ (SOB). It's okay, though, because obviously WE all still love you Tormund! ❤️

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