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    17 Vagina Jokes That Are Funny And Relatable, But ONLY If You Have One

    "I call my vagina Area 51 because hopefully someone will once again attempt to gain access to it someday."

    1. When you're not sure why it feels like you're leaking:


    2. When real life inspires real fun:

    I call my vagina Area 51 because hopefully someone will once again attempt to gain access to it someday.

    Via Twitter: @priya_ebooks

    3. When your period starts:

    4. When you realize how weird this situation is:

    why do we always hide our panties after we undress at the gyno? 'you can see my cervix, but my bloomers? noooo no.'

    Via Twitter: @brokeymcpoverty

    5. When your hormones are all out of whack:

    me on the first day of my period when I haven’t found anyone to argue with yet

    6. Seriously:

    Friends: Stop being so dramatic on your period. Me:

    Via Twitter: @periodmemes

    7. When you get to that age where a little bit of pee just happens sometimes:

    With age comes new skills. You can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.

    Via Twitter: @funnyoneliners

    8. When motherhood turns out to be as much of a bitch as a period:

    9. When you die a little bit inside because your partner is WAY off, but, like...nice try?

    10. When you experience one of these bad boys for the first time:

    “So to say that the speculum was not designed with patient comfort in mind would be an egregious understatement.”

    Via Twitter: @sarahbuhr

    11. When you realize this missed opportunity:

    who named them kegels and not puss ups

    Via Twitter: @JennyPentland

    12. When your period is just straight-up rude:

    13. When you realize you actually have a sixth sense:

    14. When your period decides to show up completely unannounced:

    15. When your priorities are very set:

    I bought batteries for my toothbrush but put them in my vibrator instead because priorities.

    Via Twitter: @SamanthaRae49

    16. When you have a conversation with someone who is unnecessarily uncomfortable:

    17. And finally, when artwork looks suspiciously familiar:

    "Is it just me or does this look like a fountain of vaginas?" ~my mom #linda