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    17 People Who Made Really Stupid Food Choices

    Some of you need to stop it.

    1. Like the person who decided it'd be a good idea to sell macaroni and beef wrapped in ball form.

    What is this meal from MakeMeSuffer

    2. This person who should've stopped when they started with grating raw chicken.

    You lost me at grating raw chicken 🤢🤮 from StupidFood
    u/Difference-Many / Via

    3. The person who baked this gross AF–looking cake (although, props to them for lifelike qualities).

    Cockroach cake from MakeMeSuffer

    4. The person who thought "chunky" mayo was a good idea.

    Chunky mayonnaise from MakeMeSuffer

    5. The person who wanted to make, I guess, condiment desserts? IDK.

    Fucking Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream from StupidFood

    6. The person who developed this blue mess.

    babe are you okay??? you’ve barely touched your sonic limited edition curry

    Twitter: @Iqrde

    7. The person who needs to rethink this "recipe" idea.

    Vegan Steak from StupidFood

    8. The person who insulted tacos everywhere by making these.

    Chef Boyardon't from StupidFood

    9. This person who went too far and made whatever the heck this is.

    recipe said 2 eggs but that didn't seem like enough to cover the whole cake so i improvised

    Twitter: @timo77lol

    10. These people

    Toilet chocolate milkshake from MakeMeSuffer

    11. This person who has put me off smoothies forever.

    This ring of mould that continues to form around my magic bullet from MakeMeSuffer

    12. The person who made this not-so-refreshing water.

    Banana water from StupidFood

    13. The person that came up with this dumb AF meal plan.

    Egg and wine diet from Vogue, 1970s from StupidFood

    14. The person who thought putting gummy bears in sausage was appropriate.

    I think this belongs here from StupidFood

    15. This person who just wasted four perfectly fine Big Macs.

    Big Mac Salad from StupidFood

    16. The person who made this really-not-OK breakfast.

    Rainbow bacon and eggs from StupidFood

    17. And finally, this person who made me say "no" by putting whipped cream, M&M's, and sprinkles on hard-boiled eggs.

    found this and immediately thought of this subreddit from StupidFood
    u/dandelion_flwr / Via

    H/T: r/StupidFood and r/MakeMeSuffer

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