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17 Struggles All Women Who Hate Wearing High Heels Have

Falling head over heels, literally.

1. Stressing at the very thought of being in a situation where you have to wear high heels.

2. Knowing that there will be hours, if not days, of recovery ahead of you should you choose to wear heels.

3. Feeling like you have to seriously prep just to wear some sky-highs.

4. Understanding there's no chance of recovery if you make one false step...

5. ...or worse yet, unexpectedly get your heel caught.

6. Once you have 'em on, thinking you can handle the pain...

7. ...but as soon as you feel the first blister, knowing you'll be down for the count.

8. Not to mention the injuries you'll inevitably sustain... matter how expensive your heels are.

9. Giving up on your heel-wearing attempt midway through the night.

10. Then having to walk around barefoot in places you'd rather not...

11. ...and questioning if taking off your shoes was actually worth it.

12. Going a little overboard when there's a sale on flip-flops...

...and then realizing they're not always the most reliable shoe choice.

13. Questioning whether you might have an addiction to Toms...

14. ...or any comfortable shoe, for that matter.

15. Having your friends make sarcastic comments about your increasing collection of "grandma shoes."

16. Finding the variety of dressy flats available somewhat underwhelming.

17. Suppressing your rage when people try to make you feel bad for not wearing heels.

But accepting that not everyone loves heels is key, because there are far too many more important things in life.