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    If You're As Big A Fan Of "Stranger Things" As I Am, Then You're Probably Going To Obsess Over This Immersive Experience

    You get to travel through Hawkins Lab and even come face to face with Vecna, which is honestly...kinda intense!

    Hey, friends. Like many of you, I'm a big ol' fan of Stranger Things. So, when I heard about "Stranger Things: The Experience" my interest was piqued, and I said, "Sign me up" faster than Eddie Munson shredding a guitar.

    For a little background, "Stranger Things: The Experience" is a fully immersive, guided experience that takes you inside some of the show's most iconic settings. You are basically turned into a "character" and weaved into a new adventure alongside characters like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Will, and more.

    the author with Vecna looking frightened

    And here's how my own experience went...

    I knew I was in the right place when I pulled into the parking lot and saw the iconic glowing logo in the distance.

    When you first walk in you're immediately transported to Hawkins...

    welcome to Hawkins sign

    ...and then you join a bunch of other "candidates" for a so-called "sleep study" at Hawkins National Laboratory.

    welcome to sleep study sign

    You'll get separated into a group, as designated by a wristband like this:

    the author wearing a wristband

    And be sure to look out for a bunch of fun Easter eggs in this waiting area, like these Benny's Burgers and Starcourt Mall signs...

    signs for Benny's Burgers and Starcourt Mall

    ...and even cameos from characters like Dr. Owens and Mayor Kline.

    Larry Kline for Mayor sign and welcome Hawkins Residents greeting from doctor

    Now, I wasn't allowed to film or take photos inside the actual experience, but I can give you a brief (non-spoiler) rundown of what you'll see and do.

    Once you enter Hawkins Lab, you'll be introduced to what kind of "tests" you'll be going through. There's a brief intro video, and yeah, things start to get fishy off the bat.

    patients playing with puzzle boards

    You'll then find yourself in the iconic Rainbow Room from Season 4, and because you are the new test subjects — sorry, I mean, CANDIDATES — you'll be...subjected to tests! LOL.

    test subjects racing toy cars in a rainbow track

    I don't want to get too deep into spoiler territory, but the remaining rooms will have you literally working together with the other groups to help thwart the goons inside Hawkins Lab with your very own special powers.

    And, yeah, you'll definitely get some help along the way from your fave Hawkins teens.

    Stranger Things cast looking at something

    And the finale of the whole experience will bring you face to face with, who else, Vecna himself.

    Finally, after you make it through Hawkins Lab, you'll end up at a ~bitchin'~ '80s-themed mall complete with a food court and bar.

    mall food court and bar decked out like the '80s

    You can get a slice at Surfer Boy Pizza...

    ...or ice cream from Scoops Ahoy! (Highly recommend the mint chocolate chip.)

    And there's even an arcade where you can try and beat Max's high score on Dig Dug...


    ...or you can pretend you work at Family Video with the likes of Steve and Robin.

    In fact, there are TONS of fun details, Easter eggs, and even screen-used props and costumes you can find throughout this area. So be sure to hang out for a while!

    And, of course, there's a TON of Stranger Things merch you can purchase...

    gift shop

    ....and lots of really great photo ops, too.

    the author and a friend in the Byers' home

    The whole experience lasts a little over an hour (not including the mall area, where you can hang out for as long as you want), and I have to say I was very impressed with the special effects and quality of the sets. It felt like something you might see at a place like Universal Studios or even Disneyland, and it was a lot more immersive than I even expected! So, ya know, if you're a fan, I highly recommend it!

    Stranger Things logo

    "Stranger Things: The Experience" is currently going on in Los Angeles now through early 2023. Tickets are limited, and prices start at $49 per person. To find out more and book your own experience visit:

    Note: BuzzFeed was provided this experience free of charge but was under no obligation to give a positive review.